Naveed Siddiqui founded Capitas in 2005. In addition to his role as a member of the Board of Directors of Capitas, Naveed is responsible for managing the company, formulating and executing long term strategies and cultivating and maintaining key strategic global relationships. Prior to forming Capitas, Naveed worked as a senior executive with Citigroup, Guidance Financial Group and Unison Site Management (a specialty finance arm of Soros Private Equity). Since founding Capitas, Naveed has led the establishment of seven real estate based platforms with global financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, AIG, and the Islamic Development Bank. Naveed is a native of Southern California and graduated from New York University and Hofstra University with degrees in Economics, Banking, and Finance.

Prince Salman is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Capitas. In addition to his role as Chairman, Prince Salman also sits on the company’s Executive and Strategic Development Committees as well as being a key lead on special projects. With a very hands on approach, Prince Salman works closely with the management team to formulate the firm’s long term strategies, and supports business development initiatives by cultivating and maintaining key strategic global relationships.

In addition to his responsibilities with Capitas, Prince Salman oversees and manages a diversified portfolio of private family and personal investments and ventures. He also serves as the vice Chairman of the AlTurath Foundation, A family legacy foundation, the first registered charity in Saudi Arabbia established to protect and promote the urban heritage of Saudi Arabia.

Prince Salman is a graduate of both the University of St. Andrews, Scotland with a Master of Arts in International Relations & Economic, and the University of Oxford with a Masters in Public Policy.


Ausaf Akhtar Abbas is a special adviser to Capitas. Ausaf is Founder and Managing Director of Coombe Advisors. Over much of his career Ausaf has held executive level positions with global financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch where he served as Managing Director, Head of Global Private Client EMEA and Morgan Stanley where he held the position of Managing Director, Head of Sales & Marketing EMEA. In addition to being an adviser to Capitas, Ausaf is also Senior Adviser to Brookland Partners, a real estate investment bank based in London, UK, Senior Adviser to Asian Capital Partners, a Hong Kong based Asian investment bank, Senior Project Consultant with Scorpio Partnership, a leading wealth management consultancy, and Strategic Adviser to Secondcap, a company focusing on providing liquidity to LPs in private funds. Ausaf also serves on the Board of Directors of SEO London, J. Awan & Partners, Silicon Networks Limited and Multrees Investor Services.