The cornerstone of our business is sourcing, advising and structuring international real estate transactions, generating superior returns for our investors and partners.

We employ a versatile yet disciplined approach in working with our capital partners to identify, assess, and oversee unique international investment opportunities across various real estate sectors with a core focus on the United States and Europe.

Leveraging our established network of property owners, operators and asset managers in the US and Europe, we draw direct access to exclusive real estate transactions. By optimizing the deal sourcing process, we have developed efficiencies which translate into superior returns.

We have market-leading expertise in tailoring investment structures to each investor’s bespoke requirements. Our investment experts undertake a rigorous process of screening transactions, tracking current and future trends and carrying out a thorough due diligence process. This ensures that we, along with our capital partners, engage in opportunities which exhibit solid real estate fundamentals which are aligned to our investment objectives.

Post acquisition, we continue to serve the interest of our capital partners as an asset management advisor monitoring asset performance, counterparty risks, and market trends, while assisting in key decision making with respect to asset/portfolio level operational plans and dispositions.

Our strategic advisory practice is underpinned by effective execution and a commitment to delivering tangible results for our stakeholders.

Platform Development – Capitas works with public and private sector institutions, and private investors on an advisory and/or equity participation basis to develop specialized real estate and finance platforms, internationally. With a track record of having established, launched and managed 6 greenfield platforms, Capitas’ scope covers concept development, product structuring, capitalization, and operational design and oversight.

Previously launched platforms include: Zayan Finance – the first Alternative/Islamic CMBS conduit company in the US, Zayan Takaful – the first Alternative/Islamic real estate insurance platform in the US, Bidaya Home Finance – a national mortgage finance company sponsored by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, Ijmal – the first Alternative/Islamic real estate investment platform to provide mezzanine finance in Saudi Arabia, the Afaq Fund – a fund dedicated to financing growth stage SMEs in Saudi Arabia, and Enterprise Qatar – a government sponsored entity established to develop and promote small and medium enterprises in Qatar.

Public Sector Advisory – Capitas provides policy and strategy advisory services to government and quasi-government entities in the areas of housing development, urban regeneration, and primary/secondary market financing.

Previous clients include: the Ministry of Housing of Saudi Arabia, the Municipality of Makkah, the Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company, the Real Estate Development Fund of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of Qatar, and the Ministry of Economic Development of Kuwait.

Joint Ventures – As a key partner and adviser to royal and family offices, government entities, and private sector institutions, Capitas has access to exclusive joint venture and strategic investment opportunities across multiple sectors.

Uniquely positioned to assess and execute these opportunities, we selectively work with international companies, funds and institutions to facilitate business opportunities and strategic joint ventures within our network of partners.

Acting on behalf of a select group of partners, our real estate development practice oversees the planning, execution and delivery of uniquely positioned development projects across various asset classes.

Backed by an experienced team of development and real estate finance experts, Capitas acts as an investment adviser on behalf of its capital partners for over 3 million square meters of development in the GCC valued at over USD 700 million. Acting as owner representatives, we oversee all aspects of the real estate development value chain from concept, design, capital structuring and arranging, to construction and completion.

The ability to provide both technical capabilities and strategic financial support defines the value proposition we bring to our partners, and is a key differentiator in the markets in which we operate.